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Elevate your Shopify experience with Report Expert—unlocking simplicity, customization, and precision in every report.

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Report Builder

  • Clean View: Present data in a clutter-free interface, enhancing readability and user experience.
  • Sales Count Summary: Provide a concise overview of sales counts, offering key insights at a glance.
  • Multiple Advanced Columns: Enable simultaneous display of numerous intricate data columns for comprehensive analysis.
  • Change Column: Easily modify displayed columns for flexible data presentation.

REPORT EXPERT Supports Various Common Formats


Your data is automatically synchronized every 24 hours. Additionally, you can manually sync your records by clicking the "Sync Now" button located on the floating button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Yes! Within the Report view, you can export your report clicking on export

Yes, we allow more than 20 timezones for scheduling as per your location and timezone.

Yes you can set time and interval also.

Yes. You can apply advanced filters to any report by day, week, month, quarter, year, or custom date.

You have two option where you can get your scheduling report in given interval. First is email you can schedule report to mail so it will be saved to your mail in given time and second option to set schedule to google drive so it will automatically set there also. you can schedule on Drive and mail at same time also.

You can export or schedule in CSV, EXCEL and PDF.

Sync Your Way to Success.

Simplify Data Synchronization

  • Auto Sync (24hr): Keep your data current with automated synchronization every 24 hours.
  • Fast Sync: Transfer data swiftly between platforms, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.
  • Real-time Reports: Gain instant insights into synchronization progress with detailed real-time reports.
  • Manual Sync: Synchronize your data with our manual sync option.
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  • shopify webBoost Sales : Understand customer behavior and enhance your marketing strategies.
  • shopify webClean View: Present data in a clutter-free interface, enhancing readability and user experience.
  • shopify webVendor Performance Analysis : Evaluate vendor performance and strengthen partnerships.
  • shopify webData-Driven Decision Making : Make informed decisions backed by robust analytics.
  • shopify webCompetitive Edge Through Market Analysis: Stay ahead Analyze market trends, adapt strategies, and maintain a competitive edge without compromise.
  • shopify webEasy Report Scheduling: Set up reports for daily, weekly, monthly, or custom intervals without any hassle.


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